How to End a Relationship the Right Way: Breakup Tips for Gentlemen

So you think your relationship with your girl is going nowhere. You can hardly recall the last time you spent an enjoyable moment together. So what to do now? An immature man stays in the relationship despite the fact it has gone sour until he finds the need to break up with his girlfriend. On the other hand, a gentleman gets it over and done with so that he can move on with his life.

Breakups naturally have an emotional impact to both parties. As a gentleman, you must learn how to break it up properly. The following are a few breakup tips:

Do it in person

End Relationship
Be a man and face your girl. Calling her up or sending her text messages or emails to tell her you want your freedom is not only cowardly, but also rude and immature. Using these impersonal ways to break up with someone shows insensitivity and reluctance to hear what your ex has to say. Talk to her in person—she will appreciate that act.

Show your appreciation

Show Her Appreciation
Tell her how grateful you are for having the chance to get to know her deeply. Point out all the good qualities of your ex.

Explain your reason for breaking up

Reason for Breaking Up
Keep it as short as possible. Also, tell her why you want to move on.

Give back gifts immediately

Return all the gadgets and other expensive items you received as gifts from your former lover. Do it for dignity’s sake, regardless of what your ex-girlfriend might say. Don’t you want to get rid of all things that will remind you of her every single day?

Do not contact your ex right away after the breakup

Stop Contacts
There is no point in checking or calling your former girlfriend after a breakup. Give her space to breathe after your breakup. Remember, you do not have to be friends with your ex.

Make sure you stand firm on your intention to cut the ties with the woman whom you’ve lost interest in. Even if the truth hurts, it always pays to be honest. For sexual conscious guys.