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Natural Supplements for Increase Penis Size Without Adverse Effect

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Indeed, most women opt to have male partners with larger penises. It is known that a larger size can give women a more satisfying sexual experience. If you are a guy that is not happy about the size of your buddy and is affecting your self confidence in terms of your sexual life, then there are natural supplements for you to choose from that will help you gain extra size and address the problem of having a small penis. Here are some:

Increase Penis Size

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng has a substance called ginsenoside which are scientifically known to have good effects in the enhancement of sexual behavior and libido. This substance has a well-documented studies and proven effects in the nervous system. Also, phytoestrogens which are also constituents of ginseng, stimulate the pituitary gland to release gonadotropins. These are hormones that are vital to manage the endocrine system’s that regulation of normal growth, sexual development, and reproductive function thereby resulting to the development of sexual organs which include the increase in the size.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba

It is a tree that could be found in China and is widely used as a source of food and an aid to Chinese traditional medicine. It is known for its ability to enhance cognitive function by improving memory retention and is taken to function as a smart herb. Not only that this herb makes you smart, it also helps in increasing the size of male organs because of its effect on the blood pressure, circulation and mental function. If there is a good blood flow in the penile area, the penis will receive ample amount of blood that will make it more rigid and large.

  1. Catuaba Bark Extract

It is an herb which is found originally in Brazil and was firstly used as a natural Aphrodisiac by Tupi Indians.  This herb has a high number of antibacterial and antiviral properties that promote general wellbeing. Also, phytochemical which are found in catuaba bark extract cause the brain to release dopamines which are happy hormones that enhances pleasure and heightened arousal. The penile enlargement is achieved through the peripheral circulation that catuaba bark extract provides.

  1. Deer antler

Its extract promotes penile tissue growth which amazingly works to increase the length of the penis. It acts as a natural blood flow stimulator so that the excess blood will be pushed into the chambers of the penis during arousal. Because of the excess blood being pushed into the chambers, men may experience a larger and harder erection.


10 Penis Enhancement Mistakes Men Make

Since the 1970’s, penis enhancements have been making the market. However, many men in the world have gone through desperate measures to increase their size but to only damage their prized assets altogether. That is why we aim to address the common mistakes men make when trying to enhance their penis.

Here are 10 male enhancement mistakes men make.

Undergoing Penis Surgery

When possible aim to avoid any thoughts of penis enlargement surgery. The risks and dangers of the procedure may end up damaging your penis and ruin the overall effect. In fact, undergoing the treatment will only increase your size for up to two inches maximum.

Taking Steroids

Many men think that steroids will make their penis grow larger since it is a muscle tissue. However, this is entirely false, as steroids will make your testicles smaller. Be sure to stay away from steroids, especially if you want to prevent your testicles from shrinking.

Taking Low-Quality Supplements

One reason why most men don’t make their penis truly larger through pills is simply that most supplements out there don’t really work. Just because male enhancement pills are said to be “sold out” doesn’t mean they are effective.

Taking low-quality sex pills (as they are sometime called), will not enhance your penile strength and power. While there are plenty of pills that are effective, many simply don’t work.

The truth is that, though penis supplements are the most common forms of male sexual enhancements, they are designed to be used for a very short period of time, and your manhood will most certainly return back to its normal size and weight in the end.

Here is the reason why we at Ezine4Males advocate that our readers go for the truly premium male sexual supplements that seriously deliver on all fronts and will make you a champion of bedroom as you secretly desire.

Though those are pretty more expensive but if compare with the life-changing results, then it’s safe to conclude the extra dollars above useless products is all worth it. Read the male extra reviews male enhancement pill to discover one of the biggest supplements with proven track records for men across the globe.

Penis Pumps

As many believe that penis pumps are the natural answer to increase size, they will only add a few inches at most. Pumps are interesting to use. However, as with pills, most types of pumps do not work as a permanent enhancement solution to enlarging the penis.

And if you use those cheap pumps too much, this will lead to permanent damage.

Many often bruise their penis and cause serious damage due to the use of a pump. In fact, studies show that nearly 29% of men bruise their penis when using a penis pump. Please we again, encourage you to go for top pumps such as Penomet or forget pumps altogether.

Abuse of Erection Pills

Never use pills for erection aid such as Cialis or Viagra. Instead, consider taking vitamins and supplements such as vitamin E. The overuse of too much Viagra will cause health and erection problems such as building a dependency and a lazy lump of a penis. While Viagra works well to build an erection, it does not help in the stimulation of growth.

Getting Large Too Fast

Trying to enhance the size of your penis requires time and patient. Just like trying to lose weight, you will need to take the appropriate measures of taking the right supplements, following the right exercises, and so on. Don’t try to aim and become big so quick. Instead, get started on a consistent plan and schedule and keep your body sexually active.

Long-term Use of Extenders

Wearing extenders all day not only sounds ridiculous but also damaging. The mistake to use penis extenders for large periods of time with put you at risk of damaging your penis. Basically, if you were to commute to work, have lunch, enjoy a night out – all while wearing a penis extender, this will ultimately cause pain and bruise in the region.

Over Stretching

Overstretching the penis is a dangerous method to enhancing your penis. The results from too much exercising your male region may damage your penis. Instead, stretching should work with jelqing exercise and proper techniques.

Only Jelqing

While men have reportedly seen positive results from this method, they are not effective when solely done. By only practicing the method of jelqing, you might end up wasting time and effort on the actions.

Instead, you will need to start with warm ups, cool downs, and jelqing on top of stretching exercises to gain the most effects of enhancement results. Other programs even recommend taking certain supplements to increase the size.

Weight hanging

Using some form of weights on the penis will be far too dangerous for apparent reasons. However, many men tend to try it out just to take the risk. As a result, those who have followed this method risk injury and damage the penis. We do not recommend this method at all. Stay away!


As cliché as it may sound, following proper male enhancement exercises and following a healthy diet will help increase the growth of your penis. You can also increase your vitamin E in taking to accelerate the absorption. There are some ways to increase the size naturally. However, it is important to stay safe during the process to have any risks and damage.…