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Men are such a secretive bunch. Unlike women, we keep our emotions and thoughts to ourselves, except when we’re at the bar drinking with the buddies (but then that’s the alcohol talking!). That must be the reason why most people who commit suicide are males? Well, that’s kinda extreme, but the point is, men need to communicate more even if it’s not in our nature.

Ezine 4 Males serves as an outlet for guys who are uncomfortable and shy about talking about the issues they face as sons, lovers, husbands, fathers, and friends. This is an online community where you can find like-minded people writing about things you can relate to, no matter how trivial, mundane, or even stupid they may be.

Our blog features content about anything that a guy may find interesting, like being a good parent, breaking up, dating, healthy lifestyle, sports, gadgets, and even politics. Yes, we also publish articles about things you would rather not talk about in person such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis enlargement, and sexuality.

We hope that you will find this blog useful to you as a man. Feel free to send us a story if you wanna share yours!