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10 Penis Enhancement Mistakes Men Make

Since the 1970’s, penis enhancements have been making the market. However, many men in the world have gone through desperate measures to increase their size but to only damage their prized assets altogether. That is why we aim to address the common mistakes men make when trying to enhance their penis.

Here are 10 male enhancement mistakes men make.

Undergoing Penis Surgery

When possible aim to avoid any thoughts of penis enlargement surgery. The risks and dangers of the procedure may end up damaging your penis and ruin the overall effect. In fact, undergoing the treatment will only increase your size for up to two inches maximum.

Taking Steroids

Many men think that steroids will make their penis grow larger since it is a muscle tissue. However, this is entirely false, as steroids will make your testicles smaller. Be sure to stay away from steroids, especially if you want to prevent your testicles from shrinking.

Taking Low-Quality Supplements

One reason why most men don’t make their penis truly larger through pills is simply that most supplements out there don’t really work. Just because male enhancement pills are said to be “sold out” doesn’t mean they are effective.

Taking low-quality sex pills (as they are sometime called), will not enhance your penile strength and power. While there are plenty of pills that are effective, many simply don’t work.

The truth is that, though penis supplements are the most common forms of male sexual enhancements, they are designed to be used for a very short period of time, and your manhood will most certainly return back to its normal size and weight in the end.

Here is the reason why we at Ezine4Males advocate that our readers go for the truly premium male sexual supplements that seriously deliver on all fronts and will make you a champion of bedroom as you secretly desire.

Though those are pretty more expensive but if compare with the life-changing results, then it’s safe to conclude the extra dollars above useless products is all worth it. Read the male extra reviews male enhancement pill to discover one of the biggest supplements with proven track records for men across the globe.

Penis Pumps

As many believe that penis pumps are the natural answer to increase size, they will only add a few inches at most. Pumps are interesting to use. However, as with pills, most types of pumps do not work as a permanent enhancement solution to enlarging the penis.

And if you use those cheap pumps too much, this will lead to permanent damage.

Many often bruise their penis and cause serious damage due to the use of a pump. In fact, studies show that nearly 29% of men bruise their penis when using a penis pump. Please we again, encourage you to go for top pumps such as Penomet or forget pumps altogether.

Abuse of Erection Pills

Never use pills for erection aid such as Cialis or Viagra. Instead, consider taking vitamins and supplements such as vitamin E. The overuse of too much Viagra will cause health and erection problems such as building a dependency and a lazy lump of a penis. While Viagra works well to build an erection, it does not help in the stimulation of growth.

Getting Large Too Fast

Trying to enhance the size of your penis requires time and patient. Just like trying to lose weight, you will need to take the appropriate measures of taking the right supplements, following the right exercises, and so on. Don’t try to aim and become big so quick. Instead, get started on a consistent plan and schedule and keep your body sexually active.

Long-term Use of Extenders

Wearing extenders all day not only sounds ridiculous but also damaging. The mistake to use penis extenders for large periods of time with put you at risk of damaging your penis. Basically, if you were to commute to work, have lunch, enjoy a night out – all while wearing a penis extender, this will ultimately cause pain and bruise in the region.

Over Stretching

Overstretching the penis is a dangerous method to enhancing your penis. The results from too much exercising your male region may damage your penis. Instead, stretching should work with jelqing exercise and proper techniques.

Only Jelqing

While men have reportedly seen positive results from this method, they are not effective when solely done. By only practicing the method of jelqing, you might end up wasting time and effort on the actions.

Instead, you will need to start with warm ups, cool downs, and jelqing on top of stretching exercises to gain the most effects of enhancement results. Other programs even recommend taking certain supplements to increase the size.

Weight hanging

Using some form of weights on the penis will be far too dangerous for apparent reasons. However, many men tend to try it out just to take the risk. As a result, those who have followed this method risk injury and damage the penis. We do not recommend this method at all. Stay away!


As cliché as it may sound, following proper male enhancement exercises and following a healthy diet will help increase the growth of your penis. You can also increase your vitamin E in taking to accelerate the absorption. There are some ways to increase the size naturally. However, it is important to stay safe during the process to have any risks and damage.

10 Penis Enhancement Mistakes Men Are Making

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What are the Best Exercises for Penis Enlargement?

Dissatisfied with the size of your manhood? Perhaps, it needs some workout. If your penis could only talk, it would have urged you a long time ago to do exercises to extend not only its size but also your power in bed.

Penis enlargement exercises are a safe and easy way to make your penis look more impressive. What’s more, exercises are free! You don’t have to spend a dime to achieve the penis size that you want. All you have to do is research some exercises and follow the instructions. It’s that simple.

Penis enlargement exercises allow better blood circulation to the penis by boosting the volume of blood contained in the erectile tissue of the penis. You can work out your penis in various ways:

1. Stretching the penis for greater length

Make sure your penis is flaccid before you do the stretching exercise. Here’s how to do it: hold the penis firmly around the head and slowly pull it forward. Pull your penis up to your maximum comfort limit for about 15 minutes. This routine must be repeated 10 to 15 times.

2. Increasing penis girth

This exercise, also called penis milking, forces blood into the erectile tissue and increases blood volume in it. You encircle the base of your penis with your forefinger and thumb.

Then grip your penis firmly and slide your hand forward along the shaft. The pressure that this exercise creates will force blood into the erectile tissue, thereby helping your penis achieve a bigger size.

3. Kegels exercise

Unlike other penis enlargement exercises, this routine does not involve holding the penis. You just need to contract and relax the pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle found in the muscles of the pelvic floor.

These male enhancement exercises are an inexpensive alternative to treatments and surgeries that increase the size of the penis.

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How to End a Relationship the Right Way: Breakup Tips for Gentlemen

So you think your relationship with your girl is going nowhere. You can hardly recall the last time you spent an enjoyable moment together. So what to do now? An immature man stays in the relationship despite the fact it has gone sour until he finds the need to break up with his girlfriend. On the other hand, a gentleman gets it over and done with so that he can move on with his life.

Breakups naturally have an emotional impact to both parties. As a gentleman, you must learn how to break it up properly. The following are a few breakup tips:

Do it in person

End Relationship
Be a man and face your girl. Calling her up or sending her text messages or emails to tell her you want your freedom is not only cowardly, but also rude and immature. Using these impersonal ways to break up with someone shows insensitivity and reluctance to hear what your ex has to say. Talk to her in person—she will appreciate that act.

Show your appreciation

Show Her Appreciation
Tell her how grateful you are for having the chance to get to know her deeply. Point out all the good qualities of your ex.

Explain your reason for breaking up

Reason for Breaking Up
Keep it as short as possible. Also, tell her why you want to move on.

Give back gifts immediately

Return all the gadgets and other expensive items you received as gifts from your former lover. Do it for dignity’s sake, regardless of what your ex-girlfriend might say. Don’t you want to get rid of all things that will remind you of her every single day?

Do not contact your ex right away after the breakup

Stop Contacts
There is no point in checking or calling your former girlfriend after a breakup. Give her space to breathe after your breakup. Remember, you do not have to be friends with your ex.

Make sure you stand firm on your intention to cut the ties with the woman whom you’ve lost interest in. Even if the truth hurts, it always pays to be honest. For sexual conscious guys.…

5 Foolproof Tips to Save Your Marriage

On the verge of giving up your relationship? Why don’t you give it another chance and try to save the marriage? All you need is sheer determination to find solutions for your marital woes.

1. Acknowledge the real problems in your relationship

Most married couples part ways because they know they have problems or feel that they cannot get along anymore. However, they fail to acknowledge the root cause of their marital conflicts. Figuring out the reasons for your shaky relationship is crucial in coming up with solutions to save marriage and make things work out.

2. Work together

Saving your marriage should not be a one-sided affair. Save marriage efforts should come from both of you. What should you do if your partner is not interested in making your marriage work? Leave your partner alone until he or she realizes just how necessary it is to save marriage and to keep your love alive.

3. Be calm and reasonable

Emotions run high when a couple is sailing through rough waters, causing one or both of the partners to become high-strung and act irrationally. Try to think reasonably and stay calm for the sake of mending your relationship. If your partner is behaving otherwise, then take charge of the situation to ensure that things won’t get out of hand. Show maturity by being patient and careful when talking to your partner about your relationship.

4. Give your relationship some space

If the tips discussed earlier do not work to save marriage for you and your partner, you may need to live apart for a while. It can be difficult and quite risky, but it is worth the sacrifice. Giving each other some space allows you to examine your situation and sort out your emotions.

5. Be patient

Relationships are fragile, especially when married couples are caught in a serious problem. Thus, it takes time before the marriage would be fixed completely.

Don’t be frustrated when things couldn’t work at your desired pace. No amount of rushing or doubling your efforts can make the process faster and easier.  Read about penile health here.

Healthy relationships

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